The Rice Purity Test - Unique and Challenging

The Rice Purity Test is an internet school survey initially used by students at Rice University. According to the website, the test is utilized from orientation throughout faculty life at Rice to observe how much sex, drugs, and debauchery a student gets into throughout their period there that can be found here. This evaluation is presumed to become a"bonding experience" with students, but it seems like it would create a lot more tension, especially if someone is uncomfortable engaging in the survey. This is actually the Rice Purity Test broken down into 5 components.

The purpose of this Rice Purity Test

The source is a Funny one, the rice purity test started with a survey of 100 questions which aimed to monitor students' progress in their expertise from the university atmosphere. It was launched in Rice University, Huston, Texas. Nevertheless, these days the rice university evaluation is an online quiz that our youth have taken it for granted.

The Rice Purity Test Scoring

  • Alright, the score ranges from 100 to 0% and below will be the breakdown.
  • A score of 98 -100 implies that you're as pure and innocent as a brand new baby
  • A rating of 97 through 94 implies you are nonetheless pure but've probably indulged in a few voices such as using a romantic relationship or kissed the substantial other.
  • A score of 93 -- 77 signifies that you're a bit risk taker and indulge in certain immoral acts like French kissing, masturbated or more
  • A rating of 76 through 45 signifies you are one bad girl/guy. This score means that you have done one too many"evil" deeds like having sex after being too drunk or using sex.
  • A rating of 44 via 9 means you're hardcore and partake in weird acts such as anal or public intercourse into hard drugs or problem with the law.
  • A score of 8 and 8 suggests that you're really hardcore daring, the score aren't necessarily supposed to startle you since your lifetime affairs are the enterprise and what is private should remain private.
  •  Is the Rice Purity Test a Sham?
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